springdales school, pusa road SPRINGDALES SCHOOL
Pusa Road - Upper Ridge Road Junction,
New Delhi 110 005, India
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Welcome to Springdales School, Pusa Road

A School with a Heart

Springdales is a progressive educational institution. The school was established in 1955 with its commitment to national revival and internationalism. Its motto 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam', the world is a family encapsulates the vision that has guided the school over the years.

At Springdales, education is looked upon as holistic learning experience to help children to develop qualities of head, hand and heart which will make them self-reliant individuals and fine human beings, socially aware, compassionate and kind, having pride in their country. People who are ready to work as agencies of change for building a more socially just and equitable society.

We endeavor to sow the seeds of acceptance, collaboration and empathy that will help students to deal with the challenges they face as adults. We believe that learning takes place in a variety of ways- in the community, through peers, information technology, media, literacy, life skills and well-being initiatives.

We have opened up our learning spaces in innovative ways that seamlessly link the school with the world outside. This will help to connect the global with localized communities enabling a vision that will be based on collective good and shared interests. Affirmative action holds the power of equity, empowerment and opportunity.

Parameters of Excellence

  • Community Service
  • Parental Involvement
  • Disabled Friendliness
  • Leadership Management Quality
  • Competence of Faculty
  • Co-Curricular
  • Discipline
  • Life Skills
  • Academic Representations
  • Value for money (The lowest fee structure in Public Schools)

The Principal's Desk

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
- Nelson Mandela

The vision of our founding principal, Dr. Rajni Kumar, has always been to create a learning space committed to providing a joyous and spirited environment for our children. Today, that vision is being taken forward by Dr. Jyoti Bose under whose guidance we at Springdales, Pusa Road strive to develop studies and skills in our children that will help them become confident and responsible global citizens.

We firmly believe that today's youth is capable of bringing great changes, helping the nation progress in every field. It is with this hope and faith that we seek to instil in our children values of empathy, leadership and the passion to follow their dreams.

Springdales nurtures every student's talents in all spheres be it academics, sports, visual or the performing arts. The holistic and individualized learning environment provides a setting conducive for self-discovery and independent decision making.

The brilliant performance of the students in the board examinations showcases the school's dedication to sustaining the highest standards in teaching. Our inclusive education policy ensures that 'no child is left behind'. With a team of dedicated teachers for guiding children and helping each one reach their full potential, we have successfully created a secure and safe environment for all our learners. Team work is the essence of any good institution and the relentless dedication of our staff members continues to ensure quality education to all.

As we witness drastically changing times that have upended years of practice, we continue to move forward with commitment towards providing only the best for our children in these testing times. We must all come together to reassure our children that kindness, courage, patience and hard work are foundational pillars. Focused and well-research methodologies, workshops and training sessions for staff and students ensure that we stay abreast with the latest developments in the field of education.

The parent body is an integral part of this institution that has always supported our initiatives. Our endeavour will always be to nurture & strengthen this harmonious partnership between students, teachers and parents. This consensus, transparency and partnership will affirm our motto "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam", the world is one family.

A true Springdalian is one who works with determination, moves forward with courage and firm resolve and succeeds in life despite various challenges. As Jonas Salk said, hope lies in dreams, in imagination and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality. In these changing and unpredictable times, we must work harder than ever before to safeguard the future of our children and continue to encourage them to move forward till we can do so in person.

News &

DOE Circular Dated: 01-11-2021
Regarding Observance of ‘Cyber Jaagrookta Diwas’ (Awareness) on First Wednesday of Every Month Commencing from 6th October 2021, click here to download

CBSE Circular Dated: 22-10-2021
Circular for Change the City of Examination Centre, click here to download

Important Announcements
Dear Parents,
Please note that :
1. Fees for October has been uploaded on the Portal. Last date of Payment will be 25th October 2021.
2. The Online link will be disabled on 26th October 2021 before 10:30 a.m.
3. After 26 October parents can take the Fee Bill from the office and will deposit it in the Bank of India, Extension counter (at the School Premises) till 5th November 2021.

Fee Bill will be issued before 10th of every month.

Dr Mala Gupta
Officiating principal

Circular by Directorate of Education
Invitation for submission of paintings by Students for "NAI UDAAN" the quarterly Science Magazine, click here to download


CBSE Circulars
Conduct of Improvement/Compartment Examination-2021, Class-XII - 02/08/2021, click here to download the circular

Press Release: Class XII Results - 2021 - 30/07/2021, click here to download the circular

Circular Dated: 3rd August 2021
Circular on provisional and transfer certificates for the out going batch, click here to download the circular

Circular Dated: 2nd August 2021
Circular on rules of attendance or leave, click here to download the circular

Teaching Methodology and Dates of Assessment
Orientation PPTs for Classes Nursery - XII, click here to download


Life Skills
At school students are encouraged to develop an identity through their daily interactions within and outside classroom spaces.

Innovative Teaching
The pedagogy is extremely child centered where the curriculum is tailor made for each child and caters to personal needs.

We consistently nurture and sustain this constructive spirit which is reflected throughout the school.

Springdales has always given value to the idea of the school as a community. We believe that Parent School partnerships are integral to child development and to achieve educational goals.

& Training
Distributive Leadership can be seen at all levels of the school ranging from students, teachers and the principal.

Laurels for Springdales (Pusa Road), Inter-School Competitions.

Important Announcements

School Monthly Planner
School Monthly Planner For November 2021, click here to download
Junior School Planner for November 2021, click here to download