Pusa Road - Upper Ridge Road Junction,
New Delhi 110 005, India
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Centre for Special Needs

Inclusive Education Programme

The Inclusive Education Programme has been functional at Springdales School, Pusa Road for more than a decade and aims at enhancing the potential of each child. Our program stratagizes teaching, to accommodate the range of needs and abilities of challenged students. It seeks to welcome children with special needs and include them in mainstream education. Our learning centre is "Haath mein Haath".

The team consisting of our Principal, Special Educators, School Social workers, Supervisors, Class Teachers and Counselors are constantly engaged in working with over 220 students who are differently abled ranging from Mild Austism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dysgraphia, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Dyslexia and other mild and moderate conditions. The centre maintains a case study and portfolio for each student from the time they enter school until they leave. The records are regularly updated in order to facilitate parents in the event of selecting an alternative learning system to enhance their growth.

Regular workshops and seminars are held to update all staff members on the latest techniques to accommodate students in and outside the classrooms. The teachers and non teaching staff with the help of special educators and social workers evaluate the needs of various students and work towards them. Teachers receive support from Mentors of class XI and XII for individualized help for each one of the students in the designated periods where they not only plan but also supervise their work record. Each small achievement is reinforced and the students are motivated to do better through social appreciation and acknowledgement.