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Welcome to Springdales School, Pusa Road

A School with a Heart

Springdales is a progressive educational institution. The school was established in 1955 with its commitment to national revival and internationalism. Its motto 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam', the world is a family encapsulates the vision that has guided the school over the years.

At Springdales, education is looked upon as holistic learning experience to help children to develop qualities of head, hand and heart which will make them self-reliant individuals and fine human beings, socially aware, compassionate and kind, having pride in their country. People who are ready to work as agencies of change for building a more socially just and equitable society.

We endeavor to sow the seeds of acceptance, collaboration and empathy that will help students to deal with the challenges they face as adults. We believe that learning takes place in a variety of ways- in the community, through peers, information technology, media, literacy, life skills and well-being initiatives.

We have opened up our learning spaces in innovative ways that seamlessly link the school with the world outside. This will help to connect the global with localized communities enabling a vision that will be based on collective good and shared interests. Affirmative action holds the power of equity, empowerment and opportunity.

Parameters of Excellence

  • Community Service
  • Parental Involvement
  • Disabled Friendliness
  • Leadership Management Quality
  • Competence of Faculty
  • Co-Curricular
  • Discipline
  • Life Skills
  • Academic Representations
  • Value for money (The lowest fee structure in Public Schools)

News & Circulars

9th May, Monday
The orientation programme for the students of class XI was held on 9th May 2016
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7th May, Saturday
The orientation programme for the students of class XII was held on 7th May 2016
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5th May, Thursday
Summer break for Classes Nursery - V from 11th May to 3rd July, 2016
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Copy of Transfer Certificate
Copy of Transfer / school leaving Certificated issued to Admission No. 15003

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27th April, Wednesday
The orientation programme for the students of class X was held on 27th April 2016
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26th April, Tuesday
The orientation programme for the students of class IX was held on 26th April 2016
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23rd April, Saturday
The orientation programme for the students of class VIII was held on 23rd April 2016
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19th April, Tuesday 
The orientation programme for the students of class VII was held on 19th April 2016
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11th April, Monday
The orientation programme for the students of class VI was held on 11th April 2016
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The Principal’s Desk

Ameeta Mulla Wattal

We continue to challenge prevailing standardized education policies and practices in favour of more individualized holistic approaches that tap into enhanced talents enabling all children to be better prepared to live productively in a globalized society.

Our endeavor is to think flexibly, resourcefully, creatively and globally.

In our school we implement processes which foster student autonomy and leadership, encourage inventive learners with skills, understand and channelize the creative spirit, maximize liberty to make meaningful decision and develop global partnerships.

The challenge is to provide schools the autonomy to innovate and resist the pressure for more centralized approaches in schools.

Education is a process of self-articulation. With globalization, a dilution of boundaries is taking place, creating both interdependence and insecurity. In fenceless societies, all of us, strong and weak, majority and minority, rich and poor, feel equally threatened by the "other".

We play a great role in creating children, who acquire an understanding of truth, beauty, and justice against which they judge their own and our society’s virtues and imperfections.

It is important to look dispassionately at our own personal vision and mastery before the shared vision process begins.

• How do we communicate?
• What pressures are we under?
• How do we respond?
• What confidence do our students have in us?
• How much time are we ready to give?
• To what extent are we aware of the visions, goals and feelings of children, who we interact with?

We take decisions every day, which may have tremendous moral implications for the students in our care.

There is no guidebook or listing that can automatically sort these dilemmas for us, nor can there be, in a world of ambiguous interpretations and incomplete awareness of our mental models. It is only through study, reflection, and inquiry that we can come to understand the impact of our decisions.

Today, more than ever, we partner together both personally and societally to prepare our children to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Keep the faith !!!

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Holiday Homework 2016
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